Welcome to the Richmond Field Station Model-Testing Facility

Building 275,
Richmond Field Station,
U.C. Berkeley.

Tel: (510) 231 9475
Co-Director: Prof. R.W. Yeung
e-mail:  rwyeung@socrates.berkeley.edu
Office: 6135 Etchevery Hall
Tel: (510)  642-8347

Computer Lab: 200A, Naval Architecture Building
Tel: (510)  643-6818

Co-Director:  Prof. O. Savas
e-mail:  savas@me.berkeley.edu
Office: 6113 Etchevery Hall
Tel: (510)  642-5705

Lab: 140 Hesse Hall
Tel: (510)  642-5272 

This laboratory consists of a water basin 68m long, 2.6m wide and 2m
deep.  Physical models are tested in the basin in simulated wave
environment of the proper scales. The facility has both a low-speed and
high-speed tow carriages, a computer-controlled wavemaker, and a
hydraulic oscillator.  Instrumentation capabilities include some of the latest
techniques, such as systems for laser fluorescence imagery,
digital-particle image velocimetry.

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